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This is how I made my Anna bodice!!! First I went and sketched out how I wanted the bodice to look like and how many pieces I wanted it to be. Then I found my measurements (see the picture with all of the numbers. The blue numbers are the width of that piece and the pink is the length.) Then I made a mock up of the measurements that I had. Once I fixed that to how I liked it then I cut out the new pattern out of the fabric that I was going to use for the final bodice. Use the same pattern for the lining. But before you sew the lining to the bodice make sure yo u embroider or paint on the design first so it still looks nice on the inside too. :) then sew the lining to the outer part. Once you are finished with that add the golden trim and a zipper or grommets depending on what you want. Remember cosplay is all about interpretation. You can do or make it however you want it! This is just how I wanted to make it! Thanks for reading and I apologize for this being like the most confusing thing that you have ever laid your eyes on….. Merida wig chillin in the background.

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