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When you’re in first place in Mario Kart and shit starts going down behind you


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For the First Time in Forever[ Frozen in HD ]
For the First Time in Forever
[ Frozen in HD ]

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costests audrey ramirez sort of??? 


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Anonymous said: there's more to life than disney.



no no no. i don’t think you understand. i was brought up on disney. disney has shaped me as a human being. disney is responsible for my quirks and personality and basically everything i am. disney was, is and will always be my everything. 

i am eternally grateful because my parents enabled me to celebrate my birthday at disneyland orlando. i got my own mini parade and huge cake and wow i got to hug mickey and minnie and goofy and donald and ALL THE DISNEY CHARACTERS. it was the happiest day of my life because even if there’s random people behind all those characters, the characters will always be real to me. i don’t care what you say.

believe it or not,it even helped me through most of my academic years. the fantastic stories and movies helped me live out my vivid imagination and i am more than proud of that because i can make up the most amazing things and still pretend they’re real. of course, sometimes they terrified and scared me to no end but in the end, the creations always made me happy.

as long as disney exists, i know that i will always be able to dream. i could be old and still dream up the most fantastic things, thanks to this wonderful thing called disney. 

now ask yourself, what does disney mean to you?

*tearing up*

Jarvis being one sassy badass

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Tony Sherg brings us this collection of wonderfully nostalgic posters for some of our favourite Disney Park attractions.

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